Pet Food and Diet

Pet food and diet generally should be handled with great carefulness and concern for the safety of our pets.

A well nourished individual from experience rarely falls sick, is better focused with clearer minds and sharp reflexes among other great benefits.

A careful selection of meals fed our pets should be of utmost importance to anyone who genuinely loves, cares and cherishes his/ her pet.

Food compositions differ even for same breed of pet all for the simple reason that tastes and desires plus expectations where our pets are concerned differs.

However, there should be a basic daily requirement in terms of nutrients a pet should ingest to keep it going and growing healthy and strong.

Pet food and diet should be well blended and prepared in order to ensure both the safety and quality of standard of living of our pets health-wise. Importance of good pet food and diet can not be over emphasized.

The Pet Food Institute (PFI) and The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) are two of such organizations greatly involved in Pet Food and Diet matters which of most recent have had to go a step further in the formation of a partnership (with other bodies) known as The National Pet Food Commission.

This is to better safeguard issues and matters relating to Pet Food and Diet in terms of maintaining and enhancing the high nutritional standards set in safeguarding the lives of our pets.

Feeding pets with junk food make them fall ill more often, haggard looking, malnourished, gravely weak and irritable at times causing them to exhibit behaviors foreign and alien to their nature, and grooming by we their owners.

At times, professionals skilled in the art of pet food and diet compositions and analysis may need to be consulted such as food scientists, veterinarians, poison experts/ toxicologists, to mention a few.