It’s Difficult to Live Healthy in America

The biggest reason it’s difficult to live healthy in American is because our government does not properly regulate safety measures in anything we eat, drink, swallow or breathe.

Oh! You say, “wait a minute” what about all these agencies that control all these safety measures? Well that’s the number one problem, they are government agencies and they are so corrupt that it’s unbelievable.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is probably the most corrupt of all the agencies. They are “supposed to” regulate safety in our food and our drug products. Ha! Ha! That’s a joke.

But you know what? It really isn’t funny. It’s disgusting and very disturbing that we can’t trust our own government to do the job of protecting us. Let’s start with food regulation. Fast food (namely called junk food) is one of the worst culprits when it comes to your food intake.

Commercials tell our children that junk food is good food. And that industry spends 10 billion a year marketing to children. Food is not considered “junk food” just because of high fat or sugar content. There is a long list of poisonous chemicals used by the food industry that are harmful to everyone.

There are many serious nutritional deficiencies in today’s food that diminish the body’s capacity to deal safety with these chemicals and heavy metals, especially with magnesium and selenium being at the top of the list.

Now while we are on the subject of fast food let’s talk about soft drinks too, which is usually part of the regular diet at fast food restaurants. Especially dangerous are the diet drinks that most people believe are healthier than regular soft drinks.

In most cases the sweetener is these drinks is aspartame. Dr. Adrian Gross told Congress that without a shadow of a doubt, aspartame can cause brain tumors and brain cancer and violates the Dalaney Amendment, which forbids putting anything in food that is known to cause cancer.

What’s really interesting here is Dr. Gross is FDA’s own Toxicologist. So here we have two very concerning situations. The FDA doesn’t ban the product and the government officials let it slide by.

Besides the soft drink issue we are also faced with our personal drinking water issue too, which would take up at least a whole article on this subject alone.

The biggest issue that really tops all others is the pharmaceutical industry. At the present time it’s reported that 50% of the U.S. population is taking some kind of prescription drug.

Here’s an interesting observation of a typical visit to your doctor. First of all you probably spend more time in the waiting room waiting to get in to see your doctor than the doctor spends discussing your ailment. When you do get in there to see them, I’m betting he or she never gets to the core reason for your illness.

In the case of my doctor, who I only visit a maximum of two visits a year, it’s to talk to him about weaning me off of my high blood pressure medicine. By suggesting certain nutritional supplements he believes that will eventually happen fairly soon.

This is the kind of doctor everyone needs. But from all the information I’ve gathered from various sources, this is not the function of your typical doctor. Since they get very little education about nutrition in all their hours of medical school, they wouldn’t know what supplements to suggest.

The whole point I’m trying to get across to everyone is if you got a medical problem, it needs to be addressed immediately. However you don’t solve your illness by taking prescription drugs, that’s only a band aid solution. You need to find out WHY
You got your health problem.

If you got a pain, find out WHY you got a pain. If you find it hard to get through the day because your energy gets depleted easily, find out WHY you are not energetic. If you can’t sleep at night, find out WHY you can’t sleep.

Some people believe they can solve their own problem by buying pills off the shelf and taking them whenever they think they need them. That could be the most dangerous decision you could ever make.

Tylenol’s commercial ends up saying, “feel better.” Well you know what? You probably will feel better a little while after you take the pill. But once it wears off you take another one and another one and… Before long you are hooked for who knows how long.

This kind of situation could be endless until someday when it could just “back-fire.” Sooner or later, I guarantee, it will “back-fire” with some other kind of illness that you experience later. So now, all of a sudden, the “feel better” turns into “feel lousy”

But wait a minute, its really not “difficult to live healthy in America” – That is IF. And that’s a big “IF” That is IF you take charge of your own health and start getting the right answers about how to get healthy and stay healthy.

Here’s the best advice you will ever get on a health issue. First find a doctor who “cares about you” and starts to treat your illness with alternative methods instead of conventional methods. Secondly get off any prescription drugs you are on with his withdrawal methods.

Then live the healthiest life you have ever lived for as long as you want.

The information provided in this guide and on this site is neither intended, nor should
it be taken, as medical advice. It is provided solely for entertainment purposes.


The information provided in this guide and on this site is neither intended, nor should it be taken, as medical advice. It is provided solely for entertainment purposes.

The authors and publishers are not doctors. You should always consult your doctor for professional medical advice.

Sonny grew up in a family that owned a local florist business that lasted for 63 years. For 29 years he was personally involved in the business. Eventually becoming dissatisfied with it he left to become a sales representative and spent more than 20 years in sales roles.