What is the Healthy Way to Lose Weight?

Since America has the highest percentage of people per capita that are considered obese (at least twenty percent over their ideal weight) losing weight is on many people’s minds. You can not walk into a pharmacy or grocery store with out going past the aisle that has all of the diet aids. Nutri Systems, Slim Fast, energy drinks, Colon Cleanse, Fat Burners and more clog the shelves vying for our discretionary dollars.

Since most diet formulas are not available via prescription the Food and Drug Administration can not regulate their claims as well. There are no multiple year clinical trials telling you that the 14 day Acai Berry Colon Cleanse will help you lose twenty pound in those two weeks. That is what they would like you to believe but there is no clinical evidence supporting any of the claims of the various nutraceutical and nutritional supplement companies out there.

For decades traditional medical advice has been that losing two pounds a week is the most healthy way to lose weight. How can you lose two pounds a week? There are hundreds of ways to lose weight with out endangering your health no matter what your current physical situation is. If you have arthritis and it has been keeping you from exercising on a regular basis you can always use stationary or recumbent bikes and water exercise programs to alleviate joint pain while elevating your calorie consumption through exercise.

If you have never taken a look at your diet and what you eat on a regular basis examining the kinds of food you eat is an excellent healthy way to lose weight. By eliminating those foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fats, reducing prepared foods (high in sodium) and increasing your fruits and vegetable intake you will not only reduce the total number of calories consumed you will jump start your metabolism and use up calories at a higher rate as well.

A good combination of physically appropriate exercise along with a diet that reduces your caloric intake is the most healthy way to lose weight. Not only will you feel better because of the exercise but your body will respond and heal more quickly as well if your diet contains more healthy foods.