Healthy Home and Family And Toxic Threats – What To Do

I am a concerned mother and I thought everyone should know that a lot of very harmful chemicals have found their way into our common household products. Apparently, the FDA claims that they only monitor foods and drugs (not household cleaners and other household items) as stated in their name, Food and Drug Administration. So guess who is left monitoring non-food and drug items? You go it, no one. So it is up to us, the consumer to check these things out for ourselves, like we do not have enough to do without this. Hard to believe? Do you have any Johnson and Johnson baby wash lying around? It contains Quaternium-15, a formaldehyde-releasing preservative. You go it, the stuff they use to preserve dead bodies. Well, it is not so healthy for live bodies either.

Actually, it is a known and proven cancer causing agent, a carcinogen, and it becomes a gas that stays in the air of our homes, so that all our dearest loved ones and our selves can breathe it in. I am not just talking about one manufacturing company; they all have not so well known ingredients and surprise toxins. I am not saying I blame them either. They want to make money and these chemicals are known to achieve the goals of the product and they are cheap to produce. But that does not mean that I want to use them to poison MY family. The EPA says that indoor pollution is two to five times worse than outdoor pollution. It is therefore not hard to understand how a 15 year study found women that stay at home are 54% more likely too die of cancer than those that go out of the house (for a job, for example).

We do not even realize what kinds of poisons we are bringing into our homes. I have decided for myself to get all these toxins out of my home but I do not have time to check out every product and each of its individual ingredients. What is needed is a trustworthy green company that is manufacturing wellness products that are not killing us, our family, the environment, and the world. But things also need to be affordable. I found one company that looks pretty good. I now use these products. I have done a lot of research and have not been able to find better products anywhere. If I do find better products, I will use them instead. I will list the link in the Author section, in accordance with the rules of this site.