The Dangers of Over the Counter Weight Loss Drugs

The sad reality about weight loss is that the only safe way to lose weight is through a healthy diet and exercise. Although this is a well-known fact, millions of people still desperately look for an easy alternative. The false idea that weight can be melted away without any ill-effects is compounded by the thousands of companies that offer “miracle” weight solutions. They have vast marketing campaigns that spill out false promises left and right. Commercials touting “lose weight today without diet and exercise!” are all over the place. It is understandable that people would believe that there is indeed a miracle drug for weight control when false advertising swearing there is on every media outlet in existence. From the television, to magazines, to the internet, these drugs are everywhere.

But it is not only the efficacy of these drugs that these companies are lying about. Many over the counter weight drugs have very severe and dangerous side-effects. The potential harm of these drugs is made exponentially worse because the majority of them are not tested or monitored in any way. Most of these weight loss drugs are sold as supplements, which do not need to be approved the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These drugs also do not need to follow any dosing or labeling rules because of their “supplement” categorization. They also have no obligation to report or print any potential of harmful side-effects that may occur while taking their drug. Some common side-effects of OTC weight loss drugs are:

o Anxiety

o Depression

o Dizziness

o Psychosis

o Heart palpitations

o Stroke

o Death

Most deaths involving these drugs are a result of overdose. Most weight loss pills contain phenylpropanolamine, which is found in many OTC allergy and cold medicines and can easily result in overdose by individuals who take both drugs at the same time.

Are Herbal Diet Drugs Safe?

Herbal diet drugs are in no way safer than non-herbal drugs. Many herbs can cause serious side-effects. People often take too many herbal drugs as well because they believe that the word “herbal” somehow makes them safe.