Why Eat Healthy Foods? Your Help is Needed

When I’m asked “Why eat healthy foods?” I have to reply, “We need to save this planet.” The oxygen level on our planet is decreasing while toxic chemical air increases.

When you select organic or sustainably grown foods, you are helping to create a healthier planet and you may become healthier as well.

How Sustainable Farming Provides more Oxygen

We have a valid exchange between plants and animals – man included. Plants provide oxygen and require carbon dioxide to survive. We provide carbon dioxide and require oxygen to live.

If you have ever been close to an aerial spraying of pesticides designed to kill insects, you will have a good idea how it decreases the oxygen content in the air and kills life. There have been such spraying in California over the last 20 years for one reason or another. People have gotten sick from them.

“Over 98% of sprayed insecticides and 95% of herbicides reach a destination other than their target species, including nontarget species, air, water, bottom sediments, and food.” Reference: wikipedia.com “Miller GT (2004), Sustaining the Earth, 6th edition.”

Hazards of Altered Food Products

Today we have genetically modified foods that are hidden from the consumers. I just read today in my World-Wire Newsletter that a petition has been filed requesting the FDA to take specific actions and ban hormonal meats:

“Of particular concern are the increased risks of hormonal cancers since 1975: breast by 23%, prostate by 60%, and testes by 60%,”

You can read the full story at world-wire.com:

“A Ban on Hormonal Meat is Three Decades Overdue””CHICAGO, IL, February 2, 2010 –/WORLD-WIRE/– On January 29, 2010, with three other scientific experts, Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, filed a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Petition seeking an urgent ban on hormonal meat, as it poses unrecognized risks of hormonal cancers.”

I usually do not focus my articles on such negative information but I see that this information has been hidden for 30 years and I feel it is something you need to be aware of.

We are now struggling to hold onto our basic farming principles. Our small farmers need all the support they can get. If you have a local farmers market, make a weekly visit for your share of truly wholesome foods.

Points to Consider When Buying Food

How is the food grown – avoid synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. These do not promote a healthy living environment. Instead they pollute the air and water reducing healthy life on our planet. As an alternative, locate sustainably or organically grown foods and support healthy microorganisms in the soil, cleaner air and water.

Selecting animal foods – avoid factory farm raised animals. These farms raise and slaughter animals in an inhumane way. When you ignore their procedures and eat their meats anyway, you are supporting them and they will not change. Instead, they grow and we become as unhealthy as their ill treated animals.

A better way… look for free-range animals that are allowed to live normal lives. One example of such a farm is the Lindner Bison Ranch in California. I am inspired by their love for their animals while they provide an ethical example for other food animal farms.

Our Small Farmers Need Support

As profits became more important than health of the consumers, we began losing our foothold on good farming practices. The chemical industries saw opportunity in agricultural and began selling their wares to farmers here in the United States at the end of World War II. Those that bought, changed their ethical farming practices and provided less than wholesome foods.